Cable Car Accident Deogarh

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The collision made people trapped and hung 1,300 feet on the ground – several for two days – while a man and a woman was killed during their efforts to save them.

Three people had died after a suspension train accident in India, with two people killed after falling from the helicopter during a dangerous rescue effort.

Jharkhand Ropeway Accident Deoghar

The collision on Sundays made nearly 50 passengers trapped and hung on the ground, with some of those who were forced to wait until Tuesday before being appointed to the place of military rescue.

One person died as a direct result of a collision in the pilgrimage, but two tourists – a man and a woman grabbed their death on Monday and Tuesday, officials in the Deoghar district of the Jharkhand state.

“Of the 15 remaining people who were trapped in a cable car, 14 had been saved while a woman fell from a helicopter during the rescue operation,” said Police Chief RK Mallick told the Times of India.

Most of the passengers in the hung car were saved on Monday but three were not lifted to security until Tuesday, said Subhash Chandra Jat, another police chief Deoghar where the incident occurred in a remote hilly area.

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