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Liputan.kosongin.com – Hello Sonbat Admin Returns again with Information Lock You in My Heart FDF Online Novel, now it’s a search for novel lovers.

For kalain you want to read it, you can click what Sudha Admin said on this, so that Kalain can read it freely.
It’s very important for Kaain who feels novel lovers, because now it’s soaking the latest novel, so Kalain doesn’t feel saturated when reading it.
More clearly for you immediately Siamka below, so that Kalata knows novels that are currently being searched.

Gabrielle Jones was on the bed, struggling to fall asleep.

His eyes were heavy but sleeping escaped no matter how hard he tried.

After hours, when he had just lost in the world of dreams, he felt a cold and rough hand touching his face.
He tried to brush him from his face, but had no effect.

Surprised, he opened his eyes just to find himself staring at a cold and dark pair of eyes.

Gabrielle’s heart began to pound. When he saw the man in front of him clearly, relax on his back.
“What are you doing here?”

He gripped the blanket close to his chest, and moved to the tip of the bed farthest in fear.

“Gabrielle … Do you forget that this is our bedroom?

Why can’t I be here? “

Westley Morris spoke with grin, perched in the corner of the opposite bed. He was still wearing the bridegroom’s clothes from the night before. His eyes looked cold and scary. Yes.

Yesterday was Gabrielle’s wedding day, and the man in front of him was her husband, Westley.
This is the first time he stared at him after the ceremony.


That is the information that the admin can give you to the novel. Hopefully Kalain can immediately use it with Sitsu who has been on the screen above.

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